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David Allbrand, technician within the Ecophysiology and Biogeochemistry group.

Thomas Berg Hasper, PhD student in plant ecophysiology, studying plant adaptations and responses to carbon dioxide (CO2) variations.

Johanna Bergkvist, PhD student.

Dr Robert G. Björk, ecosystem ecologist working with (snow-)plant-soil interactions.

Anna-Karin Björsne, PhD student in biogeochemistry. Studying the processes in the N cycle responsible for N2O emissions, using stable isotope labelling techniques.

Angelica af Ekenstam, PhD student in plant ecophysiology, studying plant adaptations and responses to variations in temperature.

Dr Zhaozhong Feng, plant ecophysiologist working on the interaction between plant and atmospheric envrironemntal change.

Maria Grundström, PhD student within Environmental Science. Main interest is to investigate episodes of high air pollution levels and how these link to meteorological conditions and the large scale weather.

Anna Hedenrud, PhD studentwithin Environmental Science, studying carbon and nitrogen fluxes for a bio-energy forest plantation (Salix viminalis) ecosystem to evaluate Salix plantations as part of a future sustainable energy production.

Prof. Leif Klemedtsson, a soil microbiologist who has a comprehensive experience of international cooperation in investigating soil C/N cycling, both in laboratory and the field, as well as in greenhouse gas measurements.

Jenny Klingberg, PhD student in Applied Environmental Science, interested in spatial and temporal variations of air pollutants and how the risk for negative effects is modified by the influence of climate.

Dr Astrid Meyer, Post doc, working on forest ecosystem C and N cycling and trace gas fluxes.

Azad Nousratpour, PhD student within Environmental Science, focusing on environmental control of CO2 fluxes from well drained organic forest soils by separating the different components of soil respiration.

Brigitte Nyirambangutse, PhD student.

Prof. Håkan Pleijel

Dr Tobias Rütting, biogeochemist working on N cycling processes by using stable N isotopes in combination with numerical data analysis.

Mats Räntfors, research engineer within the Ecophysiology and Biogeochemistry group.

Dr Lin Tang

Lasse Tarvainen, PhD in Plant Ecophysiology, interested in within canopy variation and upscaling of shoot scale carbon dioxide and water vapour exchange.

Dr Johan Uddling, plant ecophysiologist with particular interest in processes at the plant-atmosphere interface (i.e. stomatal and photosynthetic regulation).

Tage Vowles, PhD student in ecosystem ecology, studying alpine ecosystem responses to herbivory and climate change.

Dr Göran Wallin

Dr Per Weslien

Dr Sten-Åke Wängberg

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